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Monday, November 20, 2006

The best argument for a playoff

I've never been a playoff guy, and still am not, but the last three years have provided compelling reasons to support one. In '04, an average Oklahoma team that probably shouldn't've been ranked was voted into the NC game. Then, in the last two years, we've seen 3 #1 vs. #2 matchups. Two of them - last year's Rose Bowl and this past weekend's Michigan -tOSU game - have featured games in which the teams combined for an average of 80 points. 80 points is not a championship game. 80 points is a reflection of media bias. The system in I-A football is theoretically superior to March Madness or any such silliness, but we've now apparently found the 200 biggest idiots in the world to make the voting decisions.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rutgers: the MNC?

Ah, God bless Rutgers, for completely fouling up the BCS, no matter what happens from this point. After watching the thrilling Louisville at Rutgers (first half, Louisville blowout; second half, Louisville shut out, Rutgers scores 21 unanswered points for the win), I am convinced of a couple of things:

1. If Rutgers goes undefeated, it should be in the BCS Championship Game. Why? We're at the point that, at most, there will be 3 unbeatens at the end of the season. Boise State. The winner of Ohio State-Michigan (assuming both are unbeaten by Nov. 18, which, after last week, may not be so certain). And Rutgers, which controls its own destiny now. If the general consensus had been that an unbeaten Louisville or WVU should be in it, how can Rutgers not be included, if it manages this feat?

2. That doesn't mean that they will. Unfortunately, without a lot of help from the humans, an unbeaten Rutgers may be lower ranked in the BCS ratings than not only Texas, Florida, and Auburn (if all three win out), but also the loser of Ohio State-Michigan. Talk about needing to scrap the system - an unbeaten from a BCS conference being shut out? Heads will roll.

Come on, voters - if Louisville deserved it, Rutgers would too. Go Scarlet Knights! Keep on winning.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The NFL Draft and conferences: By the #s

Here are the number of players taken in the NFL draft from the years 2002-2006 (that would correspond with the 2001-2005 college seasons)

SEC - 169
Big 10 - 142
ACC - 133*
Pac 10 - 104
Big 12 - 83
Big East - 30*
*Miami and VaTech counted in ACC.

During that time, there have been 10 participants in the BCS NC game. 4 have come from the Big XII, 2 from the Pac 10, 2 from Miami, now in the ACC but in the Big East both times it appeared, and 1 each from the Big 10 and SEC.

Draw your own conclusions.