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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The NFL Draft and conferences: By the #s

Here are the number of players taken in the NFL draft from the years 2002-2006 (that would correspond with the 2001-2005 college seasons)

SEC - 169
Big 10 - 142
ACC - 133*
Pac 10 - 104
Big 12 - 83
Big East - 30*
*Miami and VaTech counted in ACC.

During that time, there have been 10 participants in the BCS NC game. 4 have come from the Big XII, 2 from the Pac 10, 2 from Miami, now in the ACC but in the Big East both times it appeared, and 1 each from the Big 10 and SEC.

Draw your own conclusions.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger JoePa Uber Alles said...

So, per team, per conference, that breaks down to:

SEC - 14.1
Big Ten - 12.9
ACC - 12.1 (11 teams, assuming not counting BC in the ACC)
Pac 10 - 10.4
Big 12 - 6.9
Big East - 5 (6 teams assuming Temple and BC count, but USF, Cincinnati, and Louisville)

Just to look at the numbers in a different way

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Jimbo said...

I think the problem with that is that the conferences aren't balanced in their production of NFL talent, and the thyey're not all unbalanced in the same way. USC has a huge advantage over the rest of the Pac 10.


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